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Our foremost focus is good, strong, well mannered horses with stamina and the reliability to remain sound. Lippitts Morgans naturally fit this emphasis. Their loyalty, grace, strength, and endurance is like no other. Each of these attributes combines to make a very versatile horse, for family, trail, and showing in any sport (Do notice I said "and" not "or" because a single Lippitt can excel at doing many different things). Because of their versatility the Morgan Horse is the recommended breed for individuals new to the equestrian world, because a single Morgan provides the opportunity to do well even as equestrian interests change and they are a long lived breed remaining usable well into their upper 20's. Easy to handle, even as youngsters, Lippitts have a flair under saddle that make a person take notice, just like Figure, the first Morgan Horse, did in his day. Lippitts love their person and are quite loyal to that person yet they are friendly and trusting to anyone, making them mentally calm and not easily spooked. 


Lippitts are a special bloodline of Morgans carrying the purest blood found in the Morgan breed today. They are the truest in type of the old style Morgan. We love the historical aspect of the Lippitt bloodline, tracing back more than 200 years into Morgan and American history, bringing forward the original traits and character of Justin Morgan's Figure. Our primary interest is to actively enjoy our Lippitts and secondly to introduce others to this wonderful bloodline of Morgan Horse. 


A pure Lippitt is a rare find as their genetics reference is invaluable to the Morgan breed, deserving of preservation for all, especially as a foundational resource to the Morgan Breed. Unfortunately, the Lippitt bloodline is critically endanger, with less than 2000 worldwide, and we feel it would be a shame to lose such a marvelous historical equine reference. Therefore we intend to prudently breed, one perhaps two Lippitt foals occasionally. Foals that will adhere to the old style body type, temperament, and abilities that made the Morgan Horse the breed to have. 


When we selected the Lippitt Morgan as our breed we weren’t looking for pasture ornaments but a breed that would love to get out and do the kind of things we loved to do. We have found that enjoyment within Lippitt Morgans. The motto of the Morgan is “The horse that chooses you” and it is great to be chosen by such a special breed and such a special bloodline. We think you would do well to pick a Lippitt Morgan too. 


Trip to Salisbury. picture by Melinda.jp

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